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Princeton Theological Seminary seeks to demolish the Historic Tennent Roberts Whiteley Buildings

As we have previously communicated, PTS has applied for a permit to demolish all the buildings on the TRW campus on Stockton street. Although the properties are under contract to be sold to Herring Properties, it is PTS applying for the permit to demolish, requesting an expedited administrative waiver.

What this means in practice is that relevant constituencies, including the public, would be excluded from being able to have any input on this plan.

Demolishing these buildings without discussion around the historical importance of these properties and their potential to be developed with adaptive re-use would be a great loss to the community and removes an important option as part of any Area in Need of Redevelopment (ANR) plan, should the ANR continue to remain in place.

As of now, there is not an approved development plan in place.It is not clear if the buildings are demolished as to what condition the site will be left in or for how long? A lack of administrative review presumably leaves this decision up to PTS.

We continue to believe that the ANR should be rescinded and the site returned to its zoned status as R3 or E4. This reversion will in no way impact the new owners' ability to use the site as they see fit. Rescinding the ANR will also ensure that any new development will be appropriate with the Mercer Hill neighborhood that the current buildings are an important part of.

To this end we have written to the town council and the town’s lawyers asking for a formal response to this request. A response has not yet been received.

We will continue to post news about this and other redevelopment projects in Princeton on

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