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PCRD Press Release

Building a Better Princeton for Everyone

PRINCETON, NJ – June 7, 2021 – A group of residents recently formed the non-profit Princeton Coalition for Responsible Development (PCRD) to advocate for and enable a more effective and collaborative approach to land use development and redevelopment in Princeton. Citing support from over 100 concerned residents who want assurance their voices will be taken into account as development decisions are made in Princeton, Brad Middlekauff, one of the founders of the coalition said “Our objective is to protect and enhance the unique character, livability, and quality of life in our many varied neighborhoods.” He explained that “Shared interests are at the heart of responsible development. So we will strive to collaborate with real estate developers and town officials throughout the planning process to achieve creative solutions that benefit all parties for decades to come.”

A recent survey among Princeton residents revealed the importance of factors such as traffic

and parking, open space, historic structures, and appealing gateways into town where

development projects are being considered. PCRD’s intention is to help ensure confidence that these and other factors, such as appropriate density and the Area in Need of Redevelopment statute, are addressed and amicably resolved during the planning process through open dialogue with all stakeholders.

Tom Chapman, a PCRD committee member, commented that “Residents must be mindful of

the greater community needs. PCRD wants to foster open, honest exchange between the

developer, Princeton officials, and residents to find the common ground essential to achieving creative, enlightened solutions that work for all, both now and well into the future.”

Princeton’s Master Plan, in both word and spirit, establishes responsible development

guidelines for all parties involved in the planning process. For example, it calls for the developer to create plans that “preserve the scenic quality of Princeton’s principal gateways; encourage preservation of historic buildings and sites; and preserve and protect the character of established neighborhoods.” It requires the Planning Board to enable “proactive public participation” during the planning process.

“In turn, concerned residents need to recognize the interests and inputs of town officials and

the developer. And they must be transparent and specific in articulating the principles that

underpin public benefits they envision as essential to responsible development, which reflect a reasonable level of consensus,” said David DeMuth, a founder of PCRD.

PCRD is dedicated to Building a Better Princeton for Everyone. Let us all help Princeton sustain its A+ rating as the number one "Best Place to Live" in New Jersey for years to come. [Source:, 2020, a website with information about neighborhoods across the United States.]

To register your interest in and support for the Princeton Coalition for Responsible

Development, please email us at

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