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Letter to the Editor re TRW

To the Editor:

The Princeton Coalition for Responsible Development (PCRD) would like to share the good news we received from the Municipality of Princeton regarding the redevelopment of the Tennent-Roberts-Whiteley campus on Stockton Street (Route 206) and related properties currently owned by the Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS), all of which have been designated by our town council as an Area in Need of Redevelopment under New Jersey law.

From the beginning, PCRD has advocated for an open, transparent and inclusive process regarding the redevelopment of these important and historic properties, a process that incorporates meaningful input from all significant stakeholders.

The municipality recently sent a letter to PCRD indicating its support for this approach, writing that, “any redevelopment of the [PTS property] must be the result of a collaborative effort between the Contract Purchaser, [PCRD], the neighborhood, and [PTS] as appropriate.”

The letter goes on to state that “those with immediate and direct interest in the redevelopment of the [PTS Property], including the Contract Purchaser, [PCRD], and other impacted neighbors, should work together to achieve a mutually acceptable plan.”

We are encouraged by this wise and inclusive determination by the municipality. We staunchly believe that, only when key stakeholders have a meaningful seat at the table, can we expect smart and responsible redevelopment that serves the interests of the town as a whole.

The letter from the municipality is an important step in that direction and we look forward to actively participating in the discussions anticipated by the town’s communication.

Brad Middlekauff

Hibben Road

Chair of the PCRD Tennent-Roberts-Whiteley Committee

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